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Alvas Barres Floors Mirrors

Contact: Michelle Torres
San Pedro, CA
Category: Floors, Barres & Mirrors

Connect with Alvas on social media:
Facebook: @alvasbfm
Instagram: @alvasbfm


Contact: Sativa Martin
Yorba Linda, CA
Category: Dancewear

Dance Paws

Contact: Amy Rothstein
Cambridge, MA
Category: Shoes

Connect with Dance Paws on social media:
Twitter: @dancepaws

Discount Dance

Contact: Sativa Martin
Yorba Linda, CA
Category: Dancewear

Connect with Discount Dance on social media:
Facebook: @discountdance
Instagram: @discountdance

Elevé Dancewear

Contact: Lisa Choules
Kansas City, MO
Category: Dancewear

Connect with Elevé Dancewear on social media:
Facebook: @elevedancewear
Instagram: @elevedancewear
Twitter: @Elevedancewear

Glam'r Gear

Contact: Steve McKelvey
Grandview, MO
Category: Retail Suppliers

Miguelito's Dancing Shows & Supplies, INC

Contact: Gilbert Rivera
San Antonio, TX
Category: Shoes, Retail Suppliers

Nutcracker Ballet Gifts

Contact: Esmee Dorf
Asheville, NC
Category: Accessories & Gifts

Pillows For Pointes

Contact: Tony Cosentino
Commack, NY
Category: Accessories & Gifts

Connect with Pillows for Pointes on social media:
Facebook: @pillowsforpointes
Instagram: @pillowsforpointes

Guides & Resources

From performances to master classes, these competitions and conventions offer prime opportunities for dancers. To list your competition or conventions, please contact Lauren Manning,, 332-333-1735.

Artistic Dance Exchange

Contact: Juan Borona & Alex Chan

Competition Info:
Age Divisions: Minis, Juniors, Teens, Seniors, Adults. 2 Levels of Competition

Top 5 Tour Cites 2020-2021:
10/02/20-10/04/20 | Jacksonville, FL
11/20/20-11/22/20 | Kansas City, MO
01/08/21-01/10/21 | Dallas, TX
02/19/21-02/21/21 | New Brunswick, NJ
03/05/21-03/07/21 | Miami, FL

2021 Nationals: 07/02/21-07/06/21 | Orlando, FL

Convention Info:
Performance Opportunities: Yes
Class Divisions: Age

Encore DCS

Contact: Rhonda Marchant and Susan Barnes

Competition Info:

Age Divisions: Recreational and Competitive - 5 & Under, 6-8; Recreational, Competitive and Elite: 9-11, 12-14, 15-16, 17-18, 19-24, 25 & Up

Top 5 Tour Cities 2021
Columbia, Greenville, Fort Mill and Myrtle Beach, SC
Indianapolis, IN
Howell, MI
Daytona, FL

2021 Nationals:
07/12 - 07/17/2021 | Charleston, SC

Convention Info:
Performance Opportunities: Yes
Class Division: Age

EnerGy National Dance Competitions

Contact: Gina Dudash


Competition Info:

Age Divisions: 8 yrs and Under, 9-11yrs, 12-14 yrs, 15-19 yrs, 20 yrs and Over

2021 Nationals:
06/24/2021-06/28/2021 | San Diego, CA
07/12/2021-07/17/2021 | Sandusky, OH

Convention Info:

Popular Instructors:
Todd Flanagan
Patrick LaVallee
Roman Vasquez
Gianna Martello
Lyndsay May
NaythanieL Tavcar

Scholarships: Yes
Class Divisions: Age

Fluid Dance Conventions, Inc.

Contact: Sarah M. Verville

Competition Info:

Age Divisions: 4-7 Yrs; 8-10 yrs; 11-12 yrs; 13-15 yrs; 16-19 yrs; 20 yrs and over

Top 5 Tour Cities 2020-2021:
03/05/2021-03/07/2021 | Sacramento, CA
03/26/2021-03/28/2021 | Denver, CO
01/22/2021-01/24/2021 | Omaha, NE
04/23/2021-04/25/2021 | Phoenix, AZ
02/05/2021-02/07/2021 | Seattle, WA

2021 Nationals:
06/24/2021-06/27/2021 | Phoenix, AZ

Convention Info:
Performance Opportunities: Yes
Class Division: Age

Ignite Dance Competition

Contact: Meghan Burgess

Age Divisions: 4-6 yrs; 7-9 yrs; 10-12 yrs; 13-15 yrs; 16-18 yrs; 19 yrs and over; recreational, competitive, and elite levels

Top 5 Tour Cities 2021:
03/13-14/2021 | Raleigh, NC
03/27-28/2021 | Charleston, SC
04/17-18/2021 | Atlanta, GA
04/24-25/2021 | Cleveland, OH
05/15-16/2021 | King of Prussia, PA

Rainbow Dance Competition


Age Divisions: Starz of Tomorrow - Rising Starz - Elite Starz - Limitless Starz

Top 5 Tour Cities 2021:
01/15/2021-01/17/2021 | Seattle, WA
01/22/2021-01/24/2021 | Redondo Beach, CA
01/29/2021-01/31/2021 | Escondido, CA
02/05/2021-02/07/2021 | Denver, CO
02/12/2021-02/14/2021 | Cleveland, OH

2021 Nationals:
07/09/2021-07/14/2021 | Pigeon Forge, TN

Starbound National Talent Competition 

Contact: Sandra Coyte

Competition Info:

Age Divisions: 6 & Under, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-16, 17-19, 20 & Over,
Three Levels: Intermediate, Competitive, Elite

2021 Nationals:
Atlantic City, NJ, Foxwoods, CT, Lake Tahoe, NV, Chicago, IL, Orlando, FL

Guides & Resources
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Changes to summer study programs due to COVID-19 have occurred globally, but vary region to region. Many are still hosting programs, some in-person with changes, but a vast majority are hosting digital opportunities. We encourage you to visit the programs' website or email them for the most up-to-date information on these new opportunities.

Guides & Resources
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Guides & Resources

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